Quit Smoking

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In a recent survey conducted by the MRBI (Market Research Bureau of Ireland) – Healthy Ireland 2016, it was discovered that:

  • 33% of smokers who saw their GP or Pharmacist in the past 12 months had discussed ways of giving up smoking.
  • 27% of those who saw a hospital doctor had a conversation about quitting.
  • 48% of all who have smoked in the past year have made an attempt to quit during that period

Three in five smokers are at least thinking about quitting. 11% are currently trying to quit, and a further 20% are actively planning to quit, primarily for health reasons, or more recently financial reasons!

Treatments to help you QUIT!

At Lombard Pharmacy, we have a range of Quit-Smoking Products that will help your transition to a ‘smoke-free life’.  These are designed to make quitting more comfortable and to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.

Drop in, call us on 01 677 0781 or email us here - we're always available to help you Quit.

Nicotine replacement therapies*

These therapies replace small amounts of the nicotine that your body misses when you quit. It's designed to replace just enough nicotine to ease your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. They come in the form of gums, patches, lozenges and mouth sprays (Nicorette, NiQuitin & Nicotinell)

*NB - It's important that you don't smoke when using nicotine replacement therapies.

Non-nicotine medication
There are two other products that are available on prescription from your GP:

CHAMPIX is a pill (non-nicotine) designed to help you stop smoking;
ZYBAN is another non-nicotine smoking-cessation drug.
Call in and talk to us today at Lombard Pharmacy about what cessation methods would be most suitable for you.

For other useful information sources & tips on how to give up smoking visit: