Community-based pharmacy

John Irwin, Owner/Manager @ Lombard Pharmacy, takes time to get to know his customers & their medical requirements on a very personal level.

Personal & One-to-One Service

This means that John and his team (Joanne, Niamh & Emer) ensure that customers get a very personal and one-to-one service.


So, if you have any queries about your prescriptions or would like to get more advice from the team here at Lombard Pharmacy about your medical entitlements, please ask us.

Repeat Prescriptions

We also manage repeat prescriptions for many patients, and you can avail of this here.

Government Prescription Schemes

We are also on top of the different Government Prescription Schemes available to our patients, so you can always ask us if you have any questions. You can find out more about these schemes here.

Drop in, your always welcome. Or call us on  01 677 0781 or email us here.